Our faces

30 years of experience

They say you’re already old at 30. But when it comes to experience, that can only be a good thing.
We got our start 30 years ago, and we’re still going strong today, enjoying those 30 years of experience and offering them to our clients.
What does ‘experience’ mean to us? That’s simple. It means standing behind our work, and putting a face to the name. So, here we are, the faces of experience.

Thanks to 30 years of know-how, we still have so much more to say.


Francesca Pezzutto
General Manager

“Are you up for a coffee? “

Giusy Chiatto
Senior Project Leader
“I always dot the i’s and cross the t’s!”

Doriana Parissi
Senior Project Leader
“Good quality of life makes for good quality work.”

Simona Bongiovanni
Accounting Dept.
“I know what counts!”

Tommaso Morgantini
Team Building Specialist
“Togetherness makes strength. And a bit of laughter.”

Livia Tagliento
Senior Project Leader
“A smile resolves just about everything, and it won’t cost you a thing.”

Daniela Rubini
“Great results are the sum of many small details.”


Jonathan Cohen
UK Representative
“The best thing about events in Italy? Everything!”

Thanks to everyone who has brought us here and those who will take us even further.