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Considering all the millions of healthy people doing their thing wherever they go, they could use something like the Kodak PlaySport Zx5 HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera. Maybe you are into water sports or trail hiking, this is the type of electronic device that is meant to be there. If you need to mind your budget, then the Kodak PlaySport will fit right in and not be a problem. The Kodak PlaySport is really not for everybody, but it could be what you need; here is a review of the PlaySport.rnrnNot that long ago, if you wanted a high definition (HD) video camera, you had to pay quite a bit for it -often close to $1,000, however, recent technology has brought the price down, making HD much more affordable. When you are talking about HD, the PlaySport by Kodak delivers 1080pixels. If you are a heavy duty outside person and engage in all kinds of play, then you can take this with you because it is not exactly too delicate. The PlaySport is not designed to be a high end camcorder that takes professional quality videos, but for everyday use, or to capture memories from your vacation it's just right. rnrnWhen considering a video camera, you have to look at what it offers relative to the price. The suggested retail price of the Kodak PlaySport Zx5 is $159, but you should be able to find it cheaper if you shop online.rnrnThat is really not bad at all when you consider all the features provided and built into it. If you do not mind any possible negatives for that price, then it is solid for what you will get. We think you should avoid going bottom basement with other cameras because it can present diminishing returns.rnrnOverall, the reports about the PlaySport are very positive, and like many models some people have encountered issues with video freezing up and things like that. This is not the case with all camera, but it's common enough that you should look out for it, especially when you first get your camera. Whether you buy the camera online or in a store, you generally have 30 days to return it, and if it's freezing up frequently, you would certainly want to exchange it. But perhaps that will all be made to go away in future updates. So you will need to figure out what you are looking for, and the Kodak PlaySport Zx5 HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera could be it. If you're looking for a top of the line camcorder that takes perfect videos in all conditions, you're going to have to spend more money. For a reasonably priced video camera that's also solidly made, however, the Kodak PlaySport is everything you could ask for.

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